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Quake LIVE – TDM 4v4

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Fixed name truncation errors on color tagged player names. Fixed spectator code so they can no longer spam ready messages. Added console event timestamps. Fixed dead player code so they do not get kicked for inactivity. Fixed a problem where your friends list could be loaded more than once, causing it to display the same players multiple times. Fixed a problem that would cause the Match Browser tooltips on Firefox to, in certain situations, make the screen shake as a tooltip was being displayed.

Fixed a problem with the Recent Competitors list not showing a full list of competitors for players who primarily play duels. Fixed a minor graphical glitch with the glow that appears around a selected match on the Match Browser.


Quake Live players should know that the game will be finally transitioning out of a web browser and into a standalone game. They can expect it by the end of the year. This decision was made due to the decreased browser support for the game over the past few years.

Thought I may as well make a separate thread for it. I just extracted the default “cg_killbeep” sound from Quake Live. You’ll have to set tf_dingaling_lasthit_pitch_override to for it .

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Here is everything they announced and all the inside details. The use of a live band and their flair for entertainment had everyone ready to jump into the most insane open-world shooter ever. Mutants, global warming, and scarce resources have created a wasteland where every man or woman must fend for themselves. The new tools for disabling, dismembering, and humor rival any open-world post-apocalyptic shooter we have ever seen. While the announcement trailer had fans feeling nostalgic with its tunes about country roads, designer Todd Howard came out and gave fans more than they were ready to handle.

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Here’s the Review part. Fast, pretty, twitchy, fun. Here’s the Rant part. I’m having trouble understanding is why this is interesting in any way? Folks on the ‘tubes are saying, “OMG, this is a Browser-based game? More importantly, it also implies a reason to be in the browser. See the screenshot below? That’s IE requesting permission to run this plugin.

There’s a separate MSI if you want to run it in Firefox. I download and installed both installers separately.

Quake Live received big gameplay update

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Quake Live is intended to be id Software’s attempt to remain at the top of the online gaming community as Quake III and its less popular addon, Quake III Team Arena were after their : Editor profile and more articles by Stefan Fintea.

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Basic training serves as both an off-line introduction to the game and a way to gather a few handy upgrades to help get you started. Characters can do more than run and shoot. Vault over obstacles, lean around corners, crawl, roll, and heal up fallen team mates who have been injured in the field.

Brickforce vs. Quake Live

Based on the popular Quake 3 Arena, Quake Live originally premiered in , and currently features over a dozen gameplay modes across featured deathmatch levels. The core game is free for all players, while subscribers receive access to a broad selection of Create Match options and clan features. The system requirements are light, as you’d expect of a four-year-old shooter that was once a browser game. They are as follows: Windows 7 or later Processor: Stereo Soundcard You can find the game available now through Steam , and a trailer for the release below.

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November 24, – 8 comments Back in the good old days of third person shooters, there were two contenders for the throne. Both games shared lots of similarities, like being extremely fast paced multiplayer games with great community support and an extensive array of maps, weapons and other stuff. You can re-live these days, at least if you happened to play Quake Arena, by heading over to Quake Live to play a remake of the game that stays in many regards true to its original.

Probably the biggest difference is that Quake Live is played in a web browser. It is however unlike any of the standard browser games that you may have encountered. Before you can play, you need to register a free account. The game is free to play by everyone, but offers additional features to paying premium users. They can for instance create Quake Live servers that they can control, or do not see advertisement when the maps load.

For the beginning though, free is good and everything that you need to get started. During installation, a plugin needs to be installed in the browser.

Quake Live [Game Saturday]

They offer specifics on two updates coming to the game soon, with the first expected one week from today and the second expected one week after that. Beyond this general outline, they also promise full release notes for the first patch later this week. There is now a similar post the Fallout 76 Website that’s substantially the same, though the tone is far less conciliatory. Here’s the Reddit version:

[UPDATE 2] The Fortnite servers are now officially back online, though you might have to wait in a queue before getting to play. We’re back up and our services are looking healthy! You may.

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Quake Live is a first person shooter that allows you to frag your way through multiple game types of online action. The details In August , id Software announced the development of a web-based online first person shooter: In less than seven months the game got a new, cooler name, Quake Live, and the sign up process began. As you might have guessed already, Quake Live is based on the Quake III engine, so the maps and graphics may look very familiar to you.

And there are your first advantages:

Quake Live Update v – 7 th June We’ve just released an update to both the client and the server today. Servers and clients will both need to update as the changes are not compatible between versions, and older servers will be de-listed from the server list.

Gallery Quake Live Download Info Quake Live, the newest chapter of the legendary id Software shooter-series, is now ready to be played in a final version, inside your browser. Quake Live – Screenshots If you have a look at the game-design and the roleplay, there is definitely a relation between Quake 3 and Quake Live. But this game, which once iniciated a new era in graphical-game-design, is now a browser-game. The time, where you had to install more than megabytes, is now over.

Just a fast installation of a tiny browser-plugin makes it now possible to totally get into the shooter. Quake Live offers you more than 40 different areas like the legendary map “The longest Yard”. After a short time you have access to the first frags. With this premium account you have access to more maps. Quake Live – Screenshots If these amazing features are not conivincing, you should have a look at the following trailer and our screenshot gallery.

We encourage you, however, to determine whether this product or your intended use is legal in your country. If you have any problems or concerns, please report it to the loadion.

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