Yandere High School by DiamondGaurdian1 reviews Ayanno has a second life in which she never tells but she doesn’t have friends she knows how to get rid of evidence and everything she knows about it. The cops been looking for this killer who is still unknown but when a female 16 year old gets in her way what does she have to do. To make her matters worse a girl likes Senpai and these 2 girls are uncovering truth of Yandere. At her new school she meets a boy, who wants to be her friend. Will there relationship grow? But despite the rival for Senpai’s love being dead, Yandere-chan soon learns there’s someone else who has eyes for Senpai. Of course, she won’t rest until the rival is out of the picture.

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Yandere Chan has wanted the heart of Senpai Yamada for a long time, but she doesn’t know how. When she learns it, they fall in love and have their first kiss. But when some girls find out what is going on, they’ll do ANYTHING to show Senpai who Yandere really is: a stalker.

One of many, many ways This game serves as a Deconstruction of the Yandere and Stalker with a Crush character archetypes. It’s kind of a given that this game opens itself to a lot of grotesque and macabre stuff. The game’s premise as a whole. You play as a teenage girl who will do anything to keep her rivals away from her beloved Senpai. This includes murder, exploiting their secrets including domestic abuse and hinted at pregnancy and drug addiction , bullying them until they commit suicide, and other things.

Discussed by the developer. It was the very first piece of voice acting to appear in the game, and it actually came from a different girl than Ayano’s regular voice actress.

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The second sprite art for Cupid, from ” Yandere Simulator: Past, Present, and Future “. Playing cupid is a non-lethal method to eliminate a rival in Yandere Simulator. Matchmaking was implemented in the September 22nd, Build. Contents [ show ] Gameplay Each rival will have a crush other than Senpai , so the player will be able to matchmake every single rival with a male suitor. Then, she must take the rival around school and pass different male students to see if the rival blushes and gazes towards them.

Yandere Dev went out of his way to show that killing random students in his game can have dire consequences in the long run. One example is the Student Council, a small group of elite students who act as hall monitors and disciplinarians.

Timeline Don’t let Senpai notice you! We’re going to have to get rid of her. Its protagonist is a high-school girl, the titular “Yandere-chan” real name Ayano “Yan-chan” Aishi , who until recently, felt empty. That all changed the day she met Senpai and developed an obsession for him or her at first sight. Unfortunately, Senpai is starting to get pretty popular at school. So, what’s a girl to do to keep Senpai for herself? Why, remove any rivals for Senpai’s affection by any means necessary!

Please note that, as this is a game still in development, things can and often do change radically with subsequent updates. Some of the listed tropes below may not be true by the time the game has an actual demo everything up until now is officially a pre-alpha sandbox to bug-test.

Love? (YandereDev x Jay [Kubz Scouts] {KubDev/YandereScouts} Fanfic)

You can learn all about it here: General Improvements Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to stop walking towards the bathroom if she noticed Yandere-chan doing something suspicious on the way there. Fixed bug that caused Midori to continue sending text messages even after she had just witnessed murder. Fixed bug that would cause the player to hear the sound of fire when a mind-broken slave was spawning.

Over a year ago now Yandere Simulator was banned from being streamed on gaming website Twitch, something of a crushing blow to Yandere Dev with the site rising in popularity every day it’s a great place for indie games to receive recognition, interest and ultimately.

LittleRockerAri This elimination method is about making your rivial forget about senpai. In order to do this you have to get your rivial to follow you and as you walk or run around your rivial may blush if they find something attractive about that boy. Then if you follow your rivial and theirs a boy watching her , you can perform a task for him and he will ask you tips on what she likes. After you find out what she likes you can have him change his appearance to what you told him.

You can tell your rivial and the boy that someone is waiting for them at the fountain. But you have to get a earpiece from info-chan first. A cut scene will happen like in a dating simulator. If the boy has on or looks like some things the rivial likes the multiplier.

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Share Welcome to the Yandere Simulator Wiki! Yandere Simulator is a stealth game about stalking a boy and secretly eliminating any girl who seems interested in him, while maintaining the image of an innocent schoolgirl. The game is currently under development, and a free debug sandbox build is available from the developer’s official blog and website. The protagonist of the game is a high school student known as Yandere-chan who has fallen in love with an upperclassman known as Senpai.

Yandere-chan cannot bear the thought of Senpai in another girl’s arms, but she is too shy to confess her love to him, so she must resort to sabotaging his love life from the shadows.

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Do you like Yandere Simulator September 4th ? Share it with your friends! The first thing you will need to do is click the big green button in the top left of the page, once you This tutorial will briefly teach you the very basics on how to play Yandere Simulator. It is coming up to three weeks since we have had a new build of one of the the most popular free games in the world whilst it remains in development at least and we are normally used to a clockwork like schedule from Yandere Dev of a new build each two weeks, but if sources are correct it could be that You may have been wondering why there hasn’t been the usual two week gaps between uploads of Yandere Simulator, of course our beloved Senpai Yandere Dev was very busy at the back end of November and advised there wouldn’t be a new build for around a month at that point, due to the amount of work going in Free games that are just as good as most that you would pay for!

There are certain games we here at Rocky Bytes just never get tired of, if you’re sick of the same old games and have no money to invest in the latest AAA game then here’s a list of a few games that will provide with as much entertainment as most games that money can buy. First up we have my personal The download will be handled by a 3rd party download manager that provides an easier and safer download and installation of Yandere Simulator.

Additionally, the download manager offers the optional installation of several safe and trusted 3rd party applications and browser plugins which you may choose to install or not during the download process.


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This is YANDERE DEV, You might see my username Is Alex, that would be My Real name.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve never been able to feel emotions. I pretend to be normal when I’m around other people, but on the inside I feel nothing. It’s not as bad as it may sound, I know that I’m broken, but I don’t care. This is normal for me. But everything changed when I met him. For the first time I felt something. Now I finally understand what it’s like to be human. I’m addicted to the way he makes me feel. I don’t care about anything else.

He is everything to me. And now, someone is trying to take him from me. She wants him, but not in the same way that I want him. She could never appreciate him the way I do. She doesn’t deserve him.

Kokona Gets A Boyfriend