In fact, some even speculate that the two will be engaged and tie the knot soon. The father must put aside his contentious relationship with the Reagan family in order to get justice for his son. The father of the murdered son is no other than Reverend Darnell Potter, to be played by Ato Essandoh. The show finally made the relationship of Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko blossom into romance. Over the past seasons, Jamie and Eddie have kept their attraction to each other at bay for some time now. After all, they are good friends and works extremely well as partners. She was right to say no to let Tara stay with her because letting a virtual stranger into her home can be dangerous no matter how good the intentions are and there was no predicting when or if Tara would indeed leave on her own. Every time Eddie called Jamie awesome, she is actually hitting just the right notes of amusement, sarcasm, and jealousy. And to her credit, she admitted to the jealousy and its underlying cause.


The Season 8 finale, “My Aim is True,” was full of highly emotional moments: Plus, the actress spills on her delicious new role on AMC’s ‘Dietland. Yeah, we were kind of aiming for the heart in a lot of the stories. Right from the get-go, Danny expresses his vulnerability and loneliness to his late wife.

May 12,  · CBS’ Blue Bloods this Friday capped a tension-filled Season 8 finale with more than a bit of feel-good sunshine. After tugging at heartstrings with Danny’s visit to Linda’s grave, abruptly.

You were sitting on the bed as you bent down to lace your black shoes, and you were in fact, getting dizzy from seeing your boyfriend’s feet walking from one side to the other, pacing around the bedroom. You’re gonna wreck my brain any second now. The only parents I’ve met before were Sydney’s and that didn’t work out well.

Seriously, I know for sure they are going to love you. It was at one of those anual NYPD balls that he and his fellow officers of the family usually went to. You weren’t supposed to be there, but, God works in mysterious ways, and you had to rush there because your father was having a minor heart attack. Nothing very serious, he only stayed at the hospital for twenty-four hours and it was only because the doctors wanted to make sure he was good to go home.

Long story short, the person who was standing next to him, talking to him about new policing methods, you came to found out a few months later was Jamie and he called you, your dad’s emerging contact. When you got there EMTs were already on the scene and he was already on a gurney, inside the ambulance, going to the hospital. And Jamie was just so kind, like he always is, and put his hand on your back, trying to calm you down a bit.

‘Blue Bloods,’ Season 4, episode 8: Frank, Danny and Jamie all try to see ‘Justice Served’

However, it looks like fans will have to wait long to see a romance bloom between the police officers – if it ever happens at all. Both Ray and Estes are very much aware that fans want their characters to be together on “Blue Bloods” Season 8. However, right now, they still do not know whether there is a romance in the future of Jamie and Eddie or, if they know something, they are keeping mum. Moreover, in a recent interview, Ray thinks that it might never happen because of Jamie and Eddie’s professional relationship.

According to the Fall Preview on TV Guide, two relationships that will be explored more in depth are the relationships between Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Linda Reagan (Amy Carlson); and Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes), and his partner, Officer Edit “Eddie” Janko (Vanessa Ray).

Blue Bloods season 8 Director: Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess Duration: Crime, Drama TV channel: We have the new information on the status of Blue Bloods season 8. Release date to be confirmed at the show’s CBS channel. Thank you for having taken part in the voting for Blue Bloods season 8. Blue Bloods season 8 release date – , to be announced.

‘Blue Bloods’ Season 7 Spoilers: Jamie Has A New Partner In The Upcoming ‘Love Lost’ Episode

The season will premiere on September 23 on CBS and will take forward the police drama from where it left off last season. Season 7 will see Danny Reagan defending his actions that led to the death of serial killer Thomas Wilder in the last season. However, a new plot twist has now emerged, which might lead to Jamie Reagan quitting his job.

This Friday on CBS’ Blue Bloods, after almost five years of working together, police officers Jamie Reagan and Edit “Eddie” Janko still are police officers working together.

Andrews [2] after an incident where Jamie and Eddie are caught up in a hostage situation during an undercover assignment in a jewelry store. They find that not all victims are easily helped when a mentally unstable woman ends up on their radar and their efforts to get her additional help are largely fruitless. Jamie and Eddie FanFiction Jamie and Danny often see each other at crime scenes and the first body Jamie saw was shown to him by Danny, a fact he later lamented to Erin.

Though not her first shooting as an officer, the loss of life at her hand hits Eddie hard causing her to lose her temper, telling Andy that it was his fault. Later, after Officer Walsh is shot while watching her back Eddie begins to see her as a good cop who was in a bad situation. Where a man came in to return a custom engagement ring after his ex-fiance called off the wedding. On several occasions, Sgt. Slowly, the Templar, lead by Sonny Malevsky start taking action against Jamie.

Once he finally agreed to testify against them, she was willing to try to repair their relationship.

Blue Bloods – Episode Guide

Sep 24, After a young girl goes missing, the family argues whether Danny used questionable methods in order to bring her home safely. Meanwhile, Jamie graduates from the police academy and begins his new life as a cop. Oct 1, The Reagans weigh the rights and wrongs of vigilantism when a good Samaritan who has a police record takes action against a terrorizing subway criminal. Oct 8, Erin, Frank and Danny work together within the system to find justice when a rape case’s primary suspect is protected by diplomatic immunity.

Oct 15, Frank mobilizes the entire NYPD to find the killer of an off-duty police officer who was murdered during a diamond heist. What You See Episode:

Blue Bloods (season 8) The eighth season of Blue Bloods, a police procedural drama series created by Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess, premiered on CBS on September 29, [1] [2] The season contained 22 episodes and concluded on May 11,

A vengeful thug will target Jaime after he intervenes in the man’s abusive relationship with his girlfriend. The dangerous plot line will see Estes catch fire in his police cruiser and possibly blowing up with it. Being lit on fire? I’ve never been lit on fire before. A stunt man was partially integrated into the shot, but Estes held his own and remembered the three important steps to follow when a person catches fire: Jamie’s life won’t be the only one in danger when the psychotic boyfriend throws the flaming torch through the car window.

His partner Eddie Jenko is seated shotgun, and the shock of the attack will leave her helpless. I can’t solve the problem. I just yell a lot,” said actress Vanessa Ray, who plays Eddie. She did fear for Estes during the scene. This near-death experience for Jamie won’t necessarily push the two closer to a more serious relationship, but it will add an extra layer to their friendship and partnership.

There’s just a familiarity there.

‘Blue Bloods’ Season 8 Episode 13 Spoilers: Henry to Experience Danny’s Wrath

Jamie’s actions stir up jealousy in Eddie ‘Blue Bloods’ season 7 spoilers: In the episode titled “Personal Business,” the woman who will seek the help of Danny and Baez to prevent her abusive ex-boyfriend from hurting his new girlfriend. But things will take a different turn when the guy turned up dead.

In the Blue Bloods episode ‘Genetics’, when an adoption case gets complicated for NYPD officers Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and his partner Eddie (Vanessa Ray), they turn to Reagan’s sister.

Home Featured Blue Bloods Recap: September 23, In: There has been new evidence in a case that he was involved in where he shot a serial killer in self defense. Apparently they are bringing the case to the grand jury with this new evidence. Meanwhile, Jamie and Eddie are responding to a call of a motor vehicle accident and one of the parties involved is a congressman who is refusing to take a breathalyzer.

He just left a fund raiser and is showing signs of being intoxicated, but he has requested to see a doctor so Jamie has no choice but to let him go get checked and get a warrant for his blood alcohol. Later we see as Danny has a sit down with Robert and answers questions about some recorded conversations between Danny and Wilder. Later we see as Frank brings her son in to talk to him about why he wants to be an officer.

He tells him that he grew up listening to the stories from his father and after his father died, there was one person who showed up to all of his events in his life and made his choice clearer because of the support and integrity he has shown him. He adds that now that man, who has been there for him ever since his father died is questioning the one thing he has always been sure of.

He then tells her that he needs officers like him on the force and he will not flunk him.

Blue Bloods – It’s A Boy